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Analysis of Taipei City Economic Situation
  • 2020 Q2
    Economic dynamics: Affected by the continuous spread of COVID-19, the epidemic limited global economic activity. Various control policies affect the development of the industrial economy and consumption strength, Economic data in the second quarter showed weak performance, including the number of c..
  • 2020 Q1
    Economic dynamics: Affected by COVID-19, the global economic growth momentum slows down in 2020, affects domestic and foreign demand and consumption strength. Despite the epidemic limited economic activity, Taipei City's number of company registrations and the total capital amount has presented..
  • 2019 Q4
    Taipei City’s number of company registrations and the total capital amount has presented stable progress. At the end of December 2019, the number of registered companies nationwide was 1590824. Among these companies, 179653 were registered in Taipei City. The sales revenue also increased by 2..
  • 2019 Q3
      Economic dynamics: The number of company registrations and total capital amount demonstrated stable growth. The sales revenue of companies grew 1.36%, indicating stable economic growth. Among the investment amount of overseas Chinese and foreigners, the number of foreign companies exceede..
  • 2019 Q2
      Economic dynamics: The number of company registrations and total capital continued to present stable growth. The sales amount of companies grew 1.81%, and the economic performance has been remarkable. The investment amount of overseas Chinese and foreigners and the number of foreign compa..
Taipei Competitiveness
  • 20200624 Prosperity and Inclusive City Seal and Awards  PICSA Taipei ranked 6th most inclusive city in world: PICSA report
    Taipei has been ranked sixth out the 113 most inclusive cities in the world listed in the first ever Prosperity & Inclusive City Seal and Awards (PICSA) index, Taipei City government. As the best performing Asian city on the index, Taipei was ranked sixth, while Tokyo was the next best Asian pe..
  • 20191204 Taipei City has placed 1st in the InterNations' Expat City Ranking
    According to the InterNations Ranking, Taipei City ranks first among the global cities for expats. The foreigners working and living in Taiwan are particularly satisfied with the medical quality received in Taipei. However, many people believe that the environment in Taiwan still needs to be improv..
  • 20191204 Taipei is the winning champion again! Taipei is appraised as the best city for expats globally
    According to the annual survey conducted by the online institution, InterNations, for global expats, Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, was successively ranked by expats as the top best city for living and working for the second year. According to the report of 《CNBC》, the survey is aimed at over 2..
  • 20191120 Resulting from reinstated foreign capital by Taiwanese businessmen, the prosperity of real estate investment in Taipei City is promoted to the 14th position in the Asian Pacific
    As a result of the benefits from foreign capital reinstated by Taiwanese businessmen, Taipei City’s commercial real estate market is indirectly advantageous. According to the latest reports of PwC and the Urban Land Institute published on November 20th, the prosperity of real estate investmen..
  • 20191120 The US and China Trade War Has benefitted Taiwan’s Commercial Real Estate as 70% of Office Buildings in Taipei City are fully rented
    According to the latest survey report conducted by Colliers International on November 20th, over one year has passed since the start of the US and China trade war and it is has had more of a significant negative impact on Hong Kong. The protest activities in Hong Kong also decrease the expansion of..
Hot NEWS!!!
1.  Taiwan will bar foreign nationals whose flights depart after 00:00 Taipei Standard Time (GMT+8) on March 19 from entering the country in accordance with measures announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). Exemptions will be granted to Alien Resident Certificate holders, personnel on diplomatic or official business, persons who can prove they are fulfilling commercial and contractual obligations, and persons requiring special permission.
In accordance with CECC regulations, the exempted foreign nationals listed in the previous paragraph must observe a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival. Relevant government agencies shall be responsible for any necessary arrangements regarding their lodging, movements, and work venues in Taiwan. Link