Living Environment

InterNations, the largest expat website in the world, ranked Taiwan as the best country to live in for expats in 2016. Out of 191 countries and more than 14,000 expats surveyed, Taiwan was chosen based on quality of life, ease of settling in, personal finance, and work/life balance.

Taipei has also held the top place for several years in both the Global Views and CommonWealth Magazine rankings. In the last two years, Taipei was also selected as the happiest city in Taiwan, performing well across all indices including first place in quality of life and personal finances. 64% of expats living in Taiwan expressed the desire to remain here for at least three more years, with 36% considering becoming permanent residents.

Taipei City's comfortable living environment comes from the completeness of its infrastructure and provisions for all aspects of daily living, as well as the openness of its people; first-time visitors are immediately struck by its charm and style.

An International City at One with the world

● World-Class infrastructure
● A major international convention and exhibition center.
● Low-carbon, energy-saving approach to all activities.

Convenient Living, Friendly Services

● Convenient digital services through seamless communications network; FTTH coverage over 80% in metropolitan area, nearly 100% in city center.
● Taipei forth in Asia, 11th in the world among 41 cities in 2016 Networked Society City Index, which gauged sustainable urban development and ICT maturity.
● More than 2,000 convenience stores in the city, averaging no more than a 5-minute walk away no matter where you are.
● Four main convenience store chain keep stores open 24/7 and offer wide range of basic services.

Top-notch Medical Care, Safe Living Environment

● Taiwan has internationally acclaimed medical services and universal health insurance system.
● Excellent access to care; Taipei has more than 3,400 health institutions, including 10 medical centers, 7 regional hospital and 18 district hospitals.
● Taipei ranked 5th safest city in Asia in the Economist’s 2015 Safe Citied Index, reflecting its very low crime rate.

Amazing Natural Beauty, Full of Culture

● Taipei packed with tourist destinations, natural attractions and historical and cultural sites.
● Leisure activities in the mountains or by the sea accessible by public transportation within 30 minutes.
● Wide range of museums, art galleries and cultural and performing arts shows day in and day out.
● Plenty of shopping and entertainment choices and conveniently located exercise and sports venues to stay in shape.