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The Statistics for Taipei City Firms and Corporations Registration in May, 2018
       By the end of May 2018 there was a total of 237,431 firms and corporations registered in Taipei City, up by 1.58% from May 2017. Most of them were wholesale and retail trade industries that amounted to 66,491(28%), followed by manufacturing industries with 30,489 (12.84%). Professional, scientific and technical services industries amounted to 27,641(11.64%).   There were 1,635 newly registered firms and corporations in May 2018, the majority of which concentrated in ..
International Startup Talent Summit - Meeting with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je
   The Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government (DOED) welcomed innovative technology startups to the 2018 Startup Talent Matching Forum. The meetings held in town aimed to facilitate international industrial talent exchange, increase numbers of overseas talent, and foster close business collaboration.     The International Startup..
Connect with the Global Industry Trend that Leads to Industrial Innovation and Momentum
  By Huang Nuan-yun/TIER To help the industries for an upgrade and transformation inside the Neihu Science Park, Taipei City Government actively promotes the “Neihu 2.0 Project.” It went through an inventory in six locations featuring the city-owned lands to release available lands or spaces of architecture, and to develop innovative economics. The government hopes that it can attract more diversified industries to move into the science park by connecting the existing lar..