Analysis of the Investment Promotion Industry in Taipei City2018/12/06


The main goal of this project is to promote investment in Taipei City, and to stimulate Taipei City’s industrial and economic development. With this aim in mind, the project has identified a group of key strategic industries to target for investment promotion, the development of which Taipei City should prioritize; these industries should be designated as the targets for Taipei City’s next wave of investment promotion efforts.


As part of this project, an “Industries Database” has been established, which includes approximately 129 “industries of the future.” On the basis of scenario analysis focused on key themes of importance to Taiwan as a whole, factor endowment analysis for Taipei City alone, and analysis of industrial development potential, eight major industries have been identified which are all industries that Taiwan needs, that Taipei City is capable of developing, and that would provide meaningful industrial benefits. These eight industries are: emerging technologies, biomedicine, clean technology, robotics, media and entertainment, smart city development, fintech, and new business start-up.

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