Keys for Promoting Future Industry Investment in Taipei City: Focus on Eight Directions, Uphold Two Principles, and Implement Five Strategies2019/02/23

 The Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI) of the Industrial Technology Research Institute helps Taipei City grasp the challenges faced by industries and invest resources in the right places for Taipei City to target the next wave of investments amid rapid changes in industrial development, prepare for development, and uncover key elements for investments by companies in the specific industries. ISTI analyzed future trends and industrial clusters and conducted in-depth interviews with companies to draw up conclusions for recommended targets and feasible strategies for Taipei City's future investment promotion. The research proposed eight key investment promotion targets (emerging technologies, biotech medicine, clean technology, robotics, media and entertainment, smart city development, fintech, and new business start-up), two strategies and principles for promoting investment (implement "an overall strategy that can be achieved by the government but not by the private sector" and "an action plan that can be fulfilled in Taipei but not by any other city") and five investment promotion implementation strategies (establish R&D, connect production, assist value creation, find markets, and create environment).

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