Presentation on Key Gaps in Attracting Investment in the ICT Industry2019/02/23

 This study proposes policies and measures required for Taipei City to advance the information and communication technology (ICT) industry and promote investment from the perspective of an overall business cluster. Through industry trend analysis, international benchmark cases, an overview of Taipei’s current status and analysis of key gaps in business clusters, this study tries to identify the incentives that Taipei possesses for attracting ICT manufacturers and consolidate the available land and central or local resources that manufacturers can utilize or apply for if they intend to invest in Taipei.

Analysis shows that Taipei is equipped with strong ICT capabilities and that the Taipei Technology Corridor has already been formed. In the future, the Beitou Shilin Technology Park is expected to further drive the advancement of related industries and exhibit enormous potential for development since new land will be released upon project initiation. It is therefore recommended that Taipei should structure itself into an innovation hub for ICT solutions and promote the following strategies: cultivate a new generation of ICT talents, support/subsidize relevant information and communication technology start-ups, and forge international strategic partnerships (in collaboration with large international IoT/communication enterprises and application demand sides, especially in the fields of content development, application platforms and market development).

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