2021 Success Stories


American Fast Food Brand, Burger King, was born in 1954, which is one of the top three fast food chains in the world. The general distributor in Taiwan is Malaysia Home-Chain Foods Ltd., which is officially registered in Taipei City.

In 1990, Burger King saw the internationalization and high consumption power of Taipei's catering market and opened its first store on Dunhua South Road , without artificial flavors and additives, is the core business philosophy of Burger King.

In recent years, the catering industry in Taipei City has grown rapidly. From cheap to luxurious cuisines of various countries, the paying method of using credit card has been ranked first in Taiwan for many years. Burger King seized the market opportunity and expanded investment in Taiwan's fast food restaurant in 2018. By 2020, the number of Burger King branches in Taiwan has grown rapidly from 20 to 60, of which about one-third of the branches are opened in Taipei City.

Actively Exchange and Overcome the Pandemic of COVID-19

Just when Burger King was preparing to reinvest in Taiwan, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020. According to a survey by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the turnover and annual growth rate of catering in Taiwan declined in response to the pandemic, and foreign fast food restaurants were no exception. At the beginning of 2021, ITO proactively contacted Burger King to show concerns to Burger King. In addition to co-locating and matching operating locations, it also provided real-time city government information on COVID-19 prevention, corporate relief policies, regional planning in Taipei, development of new industrial parks, and analysis of real estate rents in Taipei, etc., allowing Burger King to actively response to the updated prevention policies and related business information, and assisting Burger King with administrative procedures that should be paid attention to, has greatly improved the efficiency of Burger King's investment in expansion plan during the Pandemic.

ITO provides customized and professional services, allowing Burger King to continue reinvest in Taipei during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2021, the Burger King Shilin store had open in Shilin District, and in May of the same year, the Linsen branch has been opened in Zhongshan District. In addition, Burger King adheres to the spirit of being good with the society and moving towards sustainable development. Through the assistance of ITO, Burger King participates in the "Taipei Social Enterprise Promotion Service Program" of the Taipei City Government Industry Bureau, and actively maintains positive links with social enterprises as well as in cross-industry cooperation in various fields.

Create Value for Sustainable Development

Tony, Chief Executive Officer of Burger King Taiwan, said that ITO's professional services have given Burger King reliable information for store opening decisions during the pandemic. The grant opening in 2021 will not only promote labor employment in Taipei, but also help revitalize surrounding business districts. At the same time, Burger King cooperated with the city government’s level-three pandemic prevention measures. In order to reduce contact and respond to consumption patterns under the new normal, the restaurants began to deploy self-service ordering machines, introduced mobile phone tableside induction ordering services, and provided online ordering systems. The delivery platform provides consumers with more diverse and convenient new consumption methods.

Tony also mentioned that Burger King around the world has a tradition of focusing on social welfare activities. Under the corporate culture of giving back to public welfare, the Taiwan Burger King Headquarters is located in Taipei City. "Promotional Service Plan", hoping to jointly develop healthier fast food ingredients and feedback to consumers through cooperation with material and agricultural innovation.

CEO Tony finally said: Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government and ITO took the initiative to show great concerns for Burger King during the pandemic, continued to provide timely and accurate municipal information, and assisted in participating in the municipal government's public welfare activity plan, so that Burger King could operate more smoothly. Much appreciated for the service of ITO and team work with high efficiency and enthusiasm. In 2022, we will be more confident to reinvest in Taipei.


Burger King Taiwan


Mapxus, the Hong Kong-based company, was established in 2018. It focuses on the research and development of indoor big data and new map service platforms. It independently develops indoor digital maps, indoor signal maps for positioning and navigation, and three-dimensional panoramic visual maps. The only map data and service provider in the market that integrates three maps on the same cloud platform; the software of map system has been certified by Apple Maps technology, and it is the only partner of Apple's indoor map program in Asia.

ITO assists the company in its establishment evaluation, explores the industrial ecosystem in Taipei and Taiwan, and industrial resources in Taipei, arranges to connect with the Taipei City Smart City Office, assists in the establishment process of the company, assists in consulting the future development direction of Taipei and Taiwan, and so on, until the follow-up assistance in site-selection. We provide customized services according to the actual demands of the company.

Ocean, the co-founder of Mapxus, said that Taiwan is a very important base. Taiwan's ICT ecosystem is prominent and well-known. It also has a very complete industrial ecosystem, which can provide a very good test field. There are high-end and excellent software talents and technology experts here, which can support the company to set up a R&D center in Taipei, conduct R&D and its sales business development in other Asian countries, which can subsequently expand to other countries in Asia.

Furthermore, Ocean, the co-founder of Mapxus, mentioned that the ITO actively provided assistance before Mapxus set up the company, which result in the co-prosperity and public-private partnership between Mapxus and Taipei City Government. With the active and consistent help from ITO, Ocean appreciated all the efforts from ITO and also believe that Mapxus will consider Taipei as an Asian base in the future to become the largest indoor map data service provider in Asia.

Create Values

ITO provides customized services according to the needs of foreign enterprises. Through a proactive attitude, it helps foreign enterprises understand the industrial ecosystem and explore business opportunities, thereby establishing business links and shortening the time for foreign enterprises enter Taiwan market. ITO accelerate the launch of a new player in the industry and also provide comprehensive domain knowledge of industrial ecosystem in Taipei.



Newegg Group was founded in 2001 by Mr. Chang, a Taiwanese immigrant who lived in US for a while. In May 2021, it was officially listed on Nasdaq in the United States Stock Market, which became the second largest 3C cross-border e-commerce in North America, with the visitors of 17 Million.

Newegg Taiwan, based in Taipei, is responsible for providing a high-availability and secure online shopping environment for global customers. Through tens of millions of buyers and sellers around the world, it conducts various data analysis, and cooperates with top big data developers such as the United States. Team cooperation, research and development of front-end and back-end systems and platforms, Newegg Taiwan leads more than 800 development projects per year, and professional operation team to provide real-time logistics support and online services.

Precisely Marketing MIT Product

Under COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, "digital resilience" is the key to the sustainable operation of enterprises. Taipei City promotes the industrial digital transformation action plan to help the industry adapt to the new normal at the fastest speed, guide innovation, and accelerate industrial resilience. Newegg announced in August 2021 to jointly promote the "T21 Cross-Border E-commerce Joint Egg Incubation Project" with the Taipei City Government, and held an online livestreaming briefing session on "Newegg and New Routes Advance to North America" in September of the same year to analyze in-depth the situation under the pandemic. E-commerce trends in the United States. Furthermore, Newegg will combine more than 20 third-party service providers, covering cash flow, logistics, certification, intellectual property rights and other services needed by sellers, and inject resources to support more Taiwanese companies to seize overseas business opportunities.

Ms. Clare Lin, the General Manager of Newegg Taiwan, said: "3C/IT products have always been the core of Newegg's sales, and are the most suitable sales channel for Taiwan's technology industry. In 2021, we officially position Taiwan as a seller recruitment center in the Asia-Pacific region, and will work with the Taipei City Government to promote "T21 cross-border e-commerce joint egg hatching plan", we look forward to combining Newegg's global resources and platform advantages to assist Taiwan's high-quality sellers with export competitiveness to enter the North American e-commerce market."

Match-Making Creates Mutual Collaboration

ITO successfully matched a local enterprise that developed and manufactured stylus pens, according to the T21 plan to meet the needs of business opportunities, which at the end successfully sold the stylus pen in North America.

Ms. Clare Lin, the General Manager of Newegg Taiwan, mentioned that: Newegg will continue to cooperate with Invest Taipei Office in the future, in order to help potential MIT product to enter North America Market with its e-commerce platform and make the successfully launch of each MIT products in U.S..


New Egg Taiwan