2022 Success Cases


JR East Group is one of the most active companies in Japan to invest in Corporate Startup Engagement (CSE). In addition to the establishment of subsidiaries, it has also set up a venture capital fund to actively invest in new ventures and combine startups to provide progressive and diversified services to meet the demand of tourists, so that railway services are no longer limited to transportation, but also a "Living Platform" that enriches people`s lifestyles.

JR East Japan came to Taiwan in 2018 to set up Taiwan JR East Business Development Co., Ltd., and actively expanded its overseas life service business based on the actual performance and experience in Japan. One&Co Taipei is the first overseas co-working space in Taiwan. With the brand concept of "Platform for Innovative Business", it provides three functions and services of Coworking, Colearing and Connection, and is committed to becoming a platform for the exchange of innovation in Taiwan and Japan.

ITO Provide Customized Services

Since 2022, ITO has its first engagement with JR East Japan Taiwan Business Development Corporation and start to collaboratively work on Taipei City`s startups ecosystem and current market dynamics, actively assist potential Japanese company to understand Taiwan`s industrial ecosystem, explore business opportunities, establish networks, and accelerate their investment plans in Taiwan efficiency.

In September 2022, ITO and One & Co Taipei had an agreement to jointly stimulate the startup ecosystem and expand the international market, successfully build a bridge for the interaction between Taiwan and Japan, and provide a more direct connection between public-private partnership between ITO and JR East Group, hope to provide a more comprehensive service to potential clients who is scouting for next landing country from Japan.

Create Values

One & Co Taipei is JR East`s first overseas base in Taiwan. Through its opening event, ITO assisted in introducing three start-ups for demonstration, and successfully assisted the companies to connect with the Japanese ecosystem. In the future, we look forward to more cooperation activities and the introduction of more Japanese systems. The newly established team has nurtured more new start-ups activities around the world, and gradually realized the vision of Taipei City becoming the most suitable city for startups and entrepreneurship in Asia.




Headquartered in Hong Kong, Flying Milk Tea Co., Ltd. was registered in Taipei City in September 2022. The company hopes to cultivate more outstanding Chinese creative talents through the platform, inject abundant momentum into the Chinese cultural and creative industry environment, and occupy a place in the global cultural market.

CEO Keith Chen, targeted the original creators of young people in Taipei City, starting from the integration of novels and illustrations, to promote cross-media creative exchanges, stimulate more artists and writers to exchange and cooperate sparks, and then create more attractive and dynamic works. Flying Milk Tea Co., Ltd. will also add more audio-visual works such as music and videos.

ITO Provide customized service

The target customer group of Flying Milk Tea is online creators. The global outbreak of COVID-19 and the new normal brought about by work and lifestyle have attracted more online creators to apply to become platform users. ITO has actively contacted Flying Milk Tea since May 2021 to provide consultation on related investment services such as office space search, city government antiepidemic policies, corporate bailouts, Taipei Industrial Park policies and real estate rental analysis, so that Flying Milk Tea can immediately respond to the pandemic. Furthermore, ITO also provide with the latest epidemic prevention and industry-related information in Taipei City. In addition, ITO also provides relevant administrative assistance for Hong Kong companies to invest in Taiwan, which really improves the efficiency of the overall investment plan.

ITO provides customized and professional services, successfully assisting Flying Milk Tea to successfully land in Taipei City during the COVID-19, so that creators of different ages can have a stage to play, encourage multicultural creation through online platforms, and actively cooperate with Chinese in various fields. Creators maintain positive connections and cross-industry cooperation.

Create Values

ITO`s professional services have accelerated the progress of investment plans in Taiwan during the epidemic. Flying Milk Tea hopes to work together with Taipei`s cultural and creative industries to open up more development possibilities and more creative business models for Chinese creators. The hard work has been transformed into actual returns. At present, the "Future Market" on the platform is just a starting point for the company. In the future, more creative business models will be launched for creators, including free-priced online reading chapters, fan sponsorship, etc.

CEO, Keith Chen said that since the platform launched in 2021, it has cooperated with more than 80 companies/organizations in Asia. Thanks to ITO for its professional and efficient investment services, and through the ITO investment service network to help the Flying Milk Tea gain more opportunities for promotion and exposure, 2022 will be more confident to continue to expand the R & D team in Taipei City.