2023 Success Cases


CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology start-up company from Taipei City. Founder of CancerFree Biotech, Po Chen, recognized the limitations of current clinical cancer treatment during his family's cancer therapy. Po Chen decided to resign from IT industry and started to dedicate in the field of precision medicine. CancerFree Biotech takes personalized medicine as its core, through having innovative technologies to expand the landscape of cancer treatment, significantly reduces the risk of ineffective treatment, and improves the overall quality of life of patient.

The core technology of CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. is to cultivate circulating tumor cells circulating in the patient's blood into tumor organoids. This pioneering technology can create tumor avatars for each cancer patient and conduct in vitro drug testing to assist doctors according to the patient's customized circumstances to precisely prescribe individual treatment to each patient. There is a demand to tailor treatment strategies while reducing the risks associated with clinical trials. This technology has significantly promoted the development of the cancer industry and implemented the goal of patient-centric precision medicine.

ITO Provide Customized Services

Since 2020, Invest Taipei Office has provided CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. with customized services, and assisted CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. to obtain the R&D industry incentive from Taipei City Government, which facilitates the purchase of the company’s first Automation Equipment, which further lower the dependent of traditional manpower and optimize the procurement process. Second, CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. successfully gained the subsidiary of Start-up Taipei Program from Department of Economic Development of Taipei City Government, which expanded its impact of international market with great exposure, which subsequently expanded its first lab in New York City in U.S. since July 2023.

Po Chen, addressed his special thanks to Invest Taipei Office since 2020, for continue to exchange industrial information, and helped to participate in the ITRI's overseas selection for new innovations through ITO recommendations, and receive support and recognition from the University of Berkeley's SkyDeck Batch 12 Entrepreneurship Accelerator in 2021.

Hence, Po Chen further pointed out that through participating 2022 t.Hub Mashup program during 2022 Taipei International Startup Week, CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. successfully received the investment from Tim Draper from Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, through the recommendation to AIT from Invest Taipei Office, CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. has got the second place for Select USA Medtech, of which, had brought great leap for the operation of CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd..

Po Chen stated his sincere gratitude to Taipei City Government for the professional support which enhances the confidence level of future reinvestment in Taipei.

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CancerFree Biotech Co., Ltd. has assisted more than a thousand cancer patients so far. CEO Po Chen reemphasized that Taipei is the home of CancerFree. In the future, it will take Taipei City as the starting point to expand globally to reach international markets; for now, it has its first footprint via BioLab accelerator in New York City, United States and actively establish relationships with partners in Japan, South Korea and other countries, committed to promoting innovative people-centered treatments to the world and improving the well-being of cancer patients around the world.




Headquartered in Singapore, Seneca ESG is committed to providing software services for corporate ESG data analysis, assessment, reporting, investor relations and other information. The company has ZENO and EPIC platforms to help global companies disclose reports that meet ESG accounting standards.

In 2021, the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission announced the Green Finance 2.0 policy. Because the CEO of Seneca ESG, Jonathan Ha targeted the first wave of companies in the cement, steel and financial industries with a capital of more than 10 billion that must complete carbon footprint verification, Seneca ESG has officially established a branch office in Taipei City on April 7, 2023. In addition to actively assisting listed OTC companies in disclosing ESG reports, Seneca ESG also looks forward to continuing to create customized ESG accounting regulation services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Taipei City in the future, so as to reach the policy goals of Taipei`s livability and sustainability.

ITO Provide Customized Services

The target customer of Seneca ESG is those with the green financial policy from the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission. The policy is expected to promote the Carbon Footprint Verification of IPO companies in 4 stages according to the total paid-up capital from 2023 to 2027. Since 2027, all listed IPO companies will complete the disclosure of the Carbon Footprint Verification. All listed counter companies have to complete the Carbon Footprint Verification in 2029. Since the traditional accounting system cannot complete the relevant reports on schedule and quality, listed counter companies in Taiwan also urgently need more efficient solutions from the emerging technology service industry.

The important mission of ITO is to create a high-quality one-stop service for investment in Taipei City Government. Therefore, ITO was actively in contact with Seneca ESG at the end of 2022 to provide office space assistance, incentives and subsidies, and investment service consultation related to Taiwan`s net zero emission policy, in which accelerate Seneca ESG investments in Taipei efficiently.

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Net zero by 2050 is a mutual goal across the world. In June 2022, Taipei City Government took the lead in passing the autonomous regulations on the management of net zero emissions in Taipei City. Carbon reduction has become the most important driving force for the city’s industrial transformation. ITO successfully assisted Seneca SEG in its company set-up, which enriches the capacity of Carbon Footprint Verification in Taipei City, accelerates enterprises to further disclose ESG in their annual accounting report, which including the risk management, investment and business decision-making processes.

Jonathan Ha, CEO of Seneca ESG, expressed his gratitude to ITO for its professionalism and high efficiency. Through the advice to leverage ITO network, Seneca ESG will have more business opportunities for promotion and exposure in the future. In addition to IPO companies, Seneca ESG will actively expand the small and medium-sized enterprises market in Taiwan to help companies to reduce carbon emissions, and work together towards the 2050 net zero emission policy.




Pilotfish is an industrial design house, headquartered in Netherlands, and have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and Taipei. Pilotfish has produced over 8 Million products, including A-brands from BMW, 3M, ZEISS, BOSCH、Nestle, its customers widely include from automotive, consumer electronics, medical, financial institute app and official websites, famous retail stores and e-commerce clients. Pilotfish facilitates a variety of clients including hard-ware and innovative product design. It has been a well-known partner for A brands and start-ups companies. Their concept of services composes of the whole product design process, from the scratch of an idea to user experiences, mechanical, engineering design and supply chain management.

Pilotfish is located at Taipei Neihu Science Park, which is a convenient location to their clients, with compact and complete supply chain, qualified talent pool, and highly confidential legal and IP protection. Pilotfish has expanded its lab in Taipei and increased employee recruitment for local hire. Furthermore, Pilotfish aims at smart medical industry, which in combination of the advantages of Taiwanese supply chain, Pilotfish offers global enterprises with design experience and dedicates to bringing Taipei to the global market.

ITO Provide Customized Services

Invest Taipei Office has served Pilotfish since 2020, provided customized consulting which led to the reinvestment from German Headquarter. The Managing Director, Marco Heusdens underlined the main reason for the reinvested its expansion in Neihu Lab is due to provide clients with prompt support of validation and verification during different stages of its product. In addition, Pilotfish would like to emphasize the exposure of Taiwanese supply chain in the international market. To certain extent, Invest Taipei Office has great network which consists of strategical partners, governmental organization and VC/CVC, which had played a significant role for Pilotfish to reinvest in Taipei.

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Managing Director of Pilotfish, Marco Heusdens stated that Pilotfish has been an ISO 9001 certified design company, which highly concerns about the verification and validation of each product, also provide assessment before launching a project into production phrase. However, the great amount of time and cost and unpredictable risks remain to be an unknown obstacle sometimes during the product/project development in alignment with the dynamic market. All in all, the trustworthy, resilient supply chain which can be transported back and forth from Taipei within one day has become a prominent factor for Pilotfish to continue to invest in Taiwan.

The soft skill of product design is a lacking element of Taiwanese supply chain. Invest Taipei Office has assisted Pilotfish to have further deep engagement with Taipei with the concrete reinvestment. Hence, Pilotfish always deliver high-quality and impactable products which not only accomplish clients demand but also integrate users’ needs with proper business strategy. In the future, Pilotfish will be centered at Taipei as APAC headquarter, which is expected to elevate the merge of global talent pool. Last but not least, bring the advantages to the global market.