About Us

The Taipei City Government's Department of Economic Development established the Invest Taipei Office (ITO) to effectively assist domestic and overseas companies and entrepreneurs by providing them with knowledge and understanding of Taipei's business environment as well as of related policies and legislation. The ITO's focus is to assist companies with various requirements for setting up businesses in Taipei City; it offers consultation, introduction, and resource consolidation services, as well as investment troubleshooting and business opportunity expansion guidance, all to promote Taipei's industrial and economic development.

Our service

One-Stop Customized Service

● Investment information.
● Business investment inspection arrangements.
● Laws and regulations consultation.
● Visa application consultation.
● Subsidies information.
● Administrative assistance.

Inter-Departmental Integration Platform

● Convene inter-departmental meetings to lower investment barriers.
● Connect with the central government to provide administrative assistance.

Connect Public-Private Service Network

● Referral to venture capital and networking events.
● Assist with land/office acquisition.
● Introduce to local talent.

Our Location

  • Invest Taipei Office
  • Website:http://invest.taipei
  • Tel:(02)2757-4518 (02)2757-4519
  • Address:2F, North Wing, No. 1, City Hall Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 11008, Taiwan