Cultural tourism
Guided Tours of the Historical Sites
Guided Tours of the Historical Sites
To coordinate the teaching of local history and offer Taipei citizen’s cultural and recreational activities, the Taipei City Archives has arranged professional guides at the historical sites in Taipei City. There are 18 tours, each offered as a half-day outing. Visitors may also form their own groups and apply directly to the Committee for free tours.
  • Participants: People (age 7 and above)interested in Taipei City’s historical sites.
  • Foreign dignitaries (no restriction on the number of participants).
  • Language: English or Japanese
  • How to apply: Send a fax to the Taipei City Archives at least one week before the tour date.(Fax: (02)2311-5770)Contact person: Ms. Tseng((02)2311-5355 Ext.26)
  • Tour Time: 9 a.m.to 12 noon and 1:30 p.m.to 4:30 p.m.

● Applicants are prohibited from charging tour members with a payment or accepting any form of gratuity.
● The tours are FREE OF CHARGE, however, participants should arrange their own travel insurance.
● Sites on the route can be changed upon request.
For more information visit: Guided Tours of Historical Sites (Taipei City Archives has launched 20 guided tour routes and 3 barrier?free historical site guided tour routes in Taipei in order to encourage people to participate in high?quality cultural and leisure activities.)
English Guided Tour Services
The following art spaces provide English-guided tour services. If you require this service, please go to the website and make an appointment.
Museum Visitor Information
Museum Visitor Information
The Beitou Hot Springs Museum was built as the Beitou public bathing house in 1913 and became Taiwan’s first public Bath House during the Japanese imperial ruling period and was finally completed with the official opening of Beitou Hot Springs Museum in October 1998. The building was then declared a Class 3 Historic Site. The museum is divided into 2 stories. On the 1st floor, visitors receive an introduction of the Hot Spring’s history and get to see the Beitou Stones and the bathing space. On the 2nd floor, visitors will get to see the Tatami-floor recreation area and the balcony that offers a view of Beitou’s beautiful scenery and will receive an introduction to Taiwanese Hollywood films that were filmed in Beitou during the ’50s and ’60s. It is definitely an ideal place to start exploring the rich variety of Hot Springs in Taiwan. So come visit Beitou, Taipei and experience one of the greatest pleasures that nature has to offer.
Telephone: (02)2893-9981
Opening hours: 9am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Mondays and national holidays
Website: http://beitoumuseum.taipei.gov.tw
Cultural Services
Street Performer
Applications from street performers have been reviewed regularly. Once you have submitted the on-line registration, you are eligible to perform and apply for the permit for the selected platforms. These talented street entertainers include those who are showcasing Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Craft Arts.
The Taipei Cultural and Creative Industry Cultivation Plan is a platform for talent cultivation, industry support, and exchange and integration that combines existing resources and marketing channels. The platform assists entrepreneurs with news circulation, consulting, training, communication and international marketing with the aim of establishing their brands and enhancing the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in Taipei City.
Film Production Assistance
Film Production Assistance
To make Taipei City a friendly environment for film productions and to attract film crews from Taiwan and abroad, the Taipei City government established the Taipei Film Commission in 2008, serving as a one-stop service that facilitates the film industry. Its services include helping negotiate venue rentals for filming and getting production discounts, subsidies, and public support for the films to help promote the city.
Website: https://www.filmcommission.taipei/
Tel: 886-2-2709-3880
Fax: 886-2-2709-2339
E-mail: service@taipeifilmcommission.org
MRT Cultural Poster Frames Service
MRT Cultural Poster Frames Service
The Department of Cultural Affairs maintains poster frames mounted near the entrances and exits of six MRT stations (Taipei City Hall, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Zhongxiao Dunhua, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Ximen, and Longshan Temple). This is intended to fully promote events of culture and the arts in Taipei City, and to provide arts groups with a channel for disseminating information about their activities. For related information and application forms, please contact Department of Cultural Affairs, Cultural Resources Division, 1999 ext. 3665.
Culture Express
Launched in 2000, Culture Express is a publication which compiles fine arts information in Taipei City, published by the Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs. The content of the publication contains monthly information promulgates the fine arts performances in Taipei and a feature report. This publication provides people with a source to acquire fine arts information in Taipei City.
Art Link:
Taipei City has the most plentiful and diversified sports fields in Taiwan, including 12 sports centers, 18 riverside and outdoor sports fields, 9 city sports venues, and 13 swimming pools. For an introduction on the venues, locations, and rental venues, please refer to the rental venue website.
Taipei Travel Website
Taipei is a city that is largely associated with nature and culture. It is also a friendly, warm, and humane city. Taipei not only possesses an urban city's convenience but also preserves the beauty of cultural traditions. Taipei Travel Net is the best method for tourists to efficiently and conveniently experience the diversity of Taipei City and provides the best information on travel in Taipei.
For convenient and relaxing travel experiences in Taipei, download the Travel Taipei APP or purchase the Taipei Fun Pass, allowing you to travel easily while saving money.
Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C Information Hotline: 0800-011-765


Taipei City Government has established 11 visitor information centers in Taipei. The services at each center are tailored to the specific attractions in the vicinity. In addition to the counter help,the centers offer access to print and online tourism information, including free brochures on scenic sites, dining, accommodations, transportation, guided tours in Taipei City and more. 
Travel and Tourism Publications
Travel and Tourism Publications
TAIPEI Quarterly
TAIPEI is a quarterly magazine published in both English and Japanese editions, providing foreign residents and overseas tourists with useful information on Taipei’s feature events, tourist attractions, fine foods, historical sites and cultural practices. It is a medium that visitors can utilize to better understand Taipei City. TAIPEI is available for free at MRT stations, Taipei Visitor Information Centers, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and eslite Bookstores.

Taipei District Tourism Introduction Booklet
If you are travelling to Taipei, it is recommended to use the Fun Taipei Map brochure when planning your trip. This brochure introduces useful information on fine foods, transportation, Tourist Information Centers, Wi-Fi, and night markets in Taipei. It also includes a Taipei tourist map, which is available in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. By using this brochure, both foreign and domestic tourists can gain Taipei travelling information with ease.
If you want to have an in-depth trip in Taipei, the four district handbooks: Fun Taipei Bangka & Ximending, Fun Taipei Dadaocheng & Dalongdong, Fun Taipei Beitou, and Fun Taipei Maokong will give you adequate information on Taipei’s famous attractions. These 16-page handbooks (available in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean)introduce Taipei’s historical sites, attractions, featured events, foods, souvenirs, and recommended one-day-trip routes. They also provide a gatefold map, allowing tourists to enjoy Taipei’s beauty.
Taipei Tourist Map Brochure and Taipei District Tourism Introduction Booklet
If you are travelling to Taipei, it is recommended to use Undiscovered Taipei Map brochure when planning your trip. This brochure introduces useful information about sightseeing spots, fine foods, transportation and Visitor Information Centers in Taipei, as well as including a tourist map of Taipei City. By using this brochure, both foreign and domestic tourists can gain travelling information of Taipei with ease. Moreover, if you want to have an in-depth trip in Taipei, four District Tourism Introduction Booklets, namely Undiscovered Taipei Ximending & Bangka, Undiscovered Taipei Dadaocheng & Dalongdong, Undiscovered Taipei Beitou and Undiscovered Taipei Xinyi, can lead you to Taipei’s popular attractions. These booklets introduce Taipei’s historical sites, places of interest, feature events and foods. They also provide a gatefold map, allowing tourists to enjoy Taipei’s beauty. The above publications are available for free at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Visitor Information Centers, Visitor Information Centers around Taiwan, etc.
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