Neihu Technology Park

Neihu Technology Park is the first metropolitan technology park in Taiwan. It plays the key role of the "Axis of technology industry in Northern Taiwan" to connect all technology parks in Taiwan along with the highway. Neihu technology park is based on the knowledge-based economic industry chain of R&D, marketing and services, including Information Technology, Communications, Digital Content, Biotechnology and the high value-added industries.

The preferred place for global Cooperate HQ
Neihu Technology Park has the advantages of geographical environment, convenient transportation network, lower land price than Taipei metropolitan area, and sufficient R&D talents. It gathers the Cooperate HQ of global large enterprises, such as Lite-On, Compal, BenQ, Advantech, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and so on. More global companies have chosen to set up business headquarters and the affiliated companies in Neihu Technology Park.
Positioning Cooperate HQ, ICT, Digital Content, Biotech R&D
Area 5.42 sq km Employment 222,512 people
Revenue 5,400 billion NTD Companies Registered 6,531
Cooperate HQ 33 R&D Center 134

Source: 2023, Department of Economic Development, Taipei City

Convenient transportation network
The superior and convenient external transportation and diversified transportation vehicles shorten the moving time and expand the hinterland of the Great Neihu Technology Park.
  • Airplane

    Adjacent to Shogshan Airport, business trips four places across the Taiwan Strait can be easily round-tripped in one day. It takes 40 minutes to reach Taoyuan International Airport and directly to the seven major cities in Asia-Pacific within 3 hours.
  • MRT

    Wenhu (Brown) Line of the MRT connects the Bannan (Blue) Line and Danshui (Red) Line to easily reach the city center.
  • Car

    The transportation routes extend in all directions. The express road can reach the Xinyi district Area and Nangang Software Park within 10 minutes, and the highway can reach the Hsinchu Science Park within 1 hour.
  • Bus

    Nealy 50 bus lines around the park.