Taipei Competition

Taipei City Ranks 7th in the IMD Smart City Index

In October 2019, Lausanne Business School announced that Taipei stands in 7th place among 102 global cities surveyed in the IMD Smart City Index. This survey was jointly completed by the Business School of Lausanne and the National University of Singapore over two years. It primarily observes the “citizen oriented” thinking and fulfillment of global city designers and management departments, stressing the consistency between policy and public living necessities. It is a unique ranking in the world today. The order of the top 10 cities in the rankings are: Singapore (Singapore), Zurich (Swiss), Oslo (Norway), Geneva (Swiss), Copenhagen (Denmark), Auckland (New Zealand), Taipei City (Taiwan), Helsinki (Finland), Bilbao (Span) and Dusseldorf (Germany).


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Taipei has jumped three places to become the 13th most digitally competitive country in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking

Lausanne Business School IMD in September announced the World Digital Competitiveness rankings for 2019. Taiwan’s ranking was promoted to 13th place and 4th amongst the Asia-Pacific economies. Among these, the mobile broadband index is the best in the world. There are three major indicators, and Taiwan ranked 17th in “knowledge”, 9th in “technology” and 12th in “future readiness”.


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2020 World Graduate Employability Ranking: National Taiwan University gains 25 places

The global higher education research think tank, QS Quacquarelli, has released the world graduate employability ranking. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) takes the lead, followed by Stanford University and the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) respectively. The National Taiwan University has gained 25 places and now stands in 56th place worldwide.


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