Working Spaces

Taipei City possesses comprehensive software and hardware facilities, as well as many geographical advantages. In order to create a gathering place for startups and to provide one-stop entrepreneurial services, the Taipei City Government has proactively taken inventory of usable spaces within the city and continues to consolidate central, regional, and community incubation centers or shared work spaces. The city government wishes to create an entrepreneurial exchange platform to provide open resources through publicly accessible venues and innovation hubs for entrepreneurs and to transform Taipei into a startup-friendly city.

There are currently 26 incubators at the Taipei City startup hub. The services include providing office space, comprehensive guidance, and assistance with applications. There are also 42 co-corking spaces available to entrepreneurs who require space to build their businesses. In addition, there are 12 maker's spaces where entrepreneurs can share their skills and freely exchange ideas.

The entrepreneurial space includes offices, co-working spaces, workshops, seminars, performance and exhibition halls, conference rooms, and product demonstration areas. The operation of the entrepreneurial hubs may differ according to the characteristics of the startup sector, such as for the cultural and creative, e-commerce, information service, healthcare/medicine, and digital industries.

Taipei City Entrepreneurial Spaces

Taipei Co-Space

The Taipei City Government's Department of Economic Development established the Taipei Co-Space inside the Neihu Technology Park Service Building to facilitate the seamless connection between "design" concepts and technology industries. It provides shared office space for micro-business owners and freelancers, giving young entrepreneurs a platform to explore, exchange, and share, where they can create innovative business concepts or brand-new business models, thereby creating even more business opportunities.

Center for Innovation Taipei (CIT)

The Center for Innovation Taipei (CIT) was constructed and operated by Plan b to provide innovative office space. Through mechanisms designed to pique the curiosity of participants, it enables organizations from different industries, startup companies from different sectors, and freelancers to find suitable space for sustainable development through friendly competition.
The CIT is located inside a former soccer stadium, and still retains the original high ceiling design and unique spatial structures. Glass panels are used to divide the space into various office areas ranging from 40 to 240 square meters in size. Conference rooms equipped with various facilities to meet different requirements are also provided.

digiBlock Taipei

The Taipei City Government established digiBlock Taipei to create a digital industry development environment with the philosophy of cluster integration and industrial crossover. It plans to create a cross-industrial integration platform through innovative digital technology. digiBlock will attract a variety of new technology businesses to set up shop there, including digital content, altered reality, virtual reality, and other related industries. It will provide various counseling resources, create cooperation opportunities, and support exchanges between industry, technology, and talent to create an international exchange platform. digiBlock will work together with the nearby Center for Innovation Taipei, Tatung University Futureward, and Tatung Minlun Public Housing to establish the new innovative foundation for Taiwan’s digital industries.


Hongwell Ruiguang Square & t.Hub

Hongwell Group is collaborating with Taipei City Government and Industrial Technology Research Institute, to launch Hongwell Ruiguang Square, a garden-view high-end office area in the center of Taipei, which including an incubation center, a comprehensive commercial space.

Project located at main road, the intersection of Ruiguang Rd. & Gangqian Rd., in Neihu technology park, next to a 2.5 hectare green park. 3-minute walking distance to MRT Gangqian Station, Wenhu line, a quick drive to the central business district via expressway. In the future, East section of Taipei Metro Circular Line-Y32, Dagangqian Park station just right in the project.