12/7-12/8 FinTech Expo (free admission)2018/12/03

FinTech Taipei conference online registration Now Open.

 Over 250 booths consisting of more than 20 0 institutions and startups from 11 countries, FinTech Expo gathers both local and global financial institutions, giant technology companies, startups, to demonstrate the latest technology of FinTech applications in Payment, Blockchain, and AI technology.  The Expo is free for the open public and visitors can experience this new technology through interacting with the exhibitors.


FinTech Highlights Pavilion: In this experimental pavilion, visitors will    experience the future FinTech applications, such as face swiping, VR game competition, mobile phone security checkup and interact with fully automated stores.


Stage area: there will be match making and demo of FinTech accelerator from local and overseas financial institutions, startup teams from US, UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


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