DOED Joins Local Industries in Expanding Business Opportunities in Thailand2018/09/03

The Taipei Government strived for more international market for local businesses by organizing “2018 Taiwan Expo Thailand” from Aug.30 to Sep.01, 2018 after a great achievement from “2017 Taiwan Expo Philippines”. Over 200 businesses visited the Taipei Fine Goods Pavilion from Smart Business Zone and inquired operating information on its platform; 20 of them became potential partners on merchandise developing to optimize products on Taipei Fine Goods platform. Innovating applications on new technology and experimental fields were the main focus of Thailand local visitors and media at Smart City Zone. The Taipei Smart City Project Management Office and participating enterprises successfully established over 100 business meetings with local ventures.

   Department of Economic Development (DOED) not only invites Taipei enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions and organize business matching events, it also hosts purchase-matchmaking conference between international buyers and Taipei businesses. There were 255 international buyers invited to 1,345 matchmaking sessions from 2015 to 2017, which generated 224 million US dollars’ worth of business opportunity.

   Invest Taipei Office (ITO) took part during the Expo providing consultations to foreign investors that are interested in investing in Taipei with full service briefings and industrial links. Specialists from Taipei City Government brought some new start-up companies from Taiwan to visit HUPPA, dtac Accelerator, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), and Chilindo, a start-up company from Denmark for business exchange sessions to accelerate the business collaborations between both parties with further follow-ups on bringing more Thailand start-ups to Taiwan.

        DOED further stated that there will be 2 procurement meetings held in Taipei on “Biotech & Medical” and “Technology and Communications” in September and November. “2018 Taiwan Expo Malaysia” will take place in October where more enterprises from Taipei will participate in expanding the South-East Asia markets!




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