Taipei City Government held the “Taipei Vision: Developing towards a Circular City International Forum” 2018/09/03


Taipei City Government held the “Taipei Vision: Developing towards a Circular City International Forum”



The objective of the forum is to explore the potential changes to policies and impact on future development brought about by the concept of circular economy. To implement the vision, the city government introduced its initial plan covering eight areas, including water, energy, food and waste management.




The Public Works Department is responsible for the implementation of “Sponge City” and the construction of underground water storage system, while the Department of Environmental Protection is in charge of the planning of biogas and kitchen waste electricity generation. The Department of Social Welfare and Market Administration Office are entrusted with the responsibility to dispatch unwanted food ingredient to social welfare organizations via unwanted food platform.


The mayor expressed his hope that the circular concept will add to the administration’s objective of creating a sustainable future for both the city and its industries. Guest speakers, Olaf Blaauw, senior Strategic Consultant from Delta Development Group; Pascal Terrien, Head of EDF Sustainable Cities Research Center, EIFER; Rainer Zimmann, the Associate Director and UKMEA Waste Business Leader, ARUP delivered speeches on “Taipei Vision: Developing towards a Circular City”. Ms. Ma-Li Yang, President & Chief Editor from Global Views Monthly and the Deputy Mayor, Qin-Rong Lin also participated in this international convergence on transforming Taipei into one Circular City.


The event also featured booths organized by the Parks and Street Lights Office to showcase the idea of Garden City. According to the agency, in addition to utilizing city-owned empty land to set up gardens, it also encouraged the participation of private sectors in the movement of creating garden bases. The policy has attracted the participation of 133,111 people as well.


Case study discussion focused on Industrial Innovation, Urban Construction and Environmental Resources was held in the afternoon by Chung-Chieh Lin, Commissioner from Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government; Jou-Min Lin, Commissioner from Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government and Shyh-Chang Lu, Assistant Commissioner from Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government. Many international and domestic experts were invited to share and exchange thoughts toward making Taipei a Circular City.


You may find more information on Circular City updates on “DoED Taipei City Government” or Facebook fan page “”.


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