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2023/06/26Taipei Index 20221560 KBXDownload
2023/05/022050 Net Zero14962 KBXDownload
2022/11/01Taipei Index 20211368 KBXDownload
2021/06/01Taipei+Index+20201399 KBVDownload
2020/12/10Circular Taipei Implementation Plan White Paper40364 KBXDownload
2020/12/10Sustainable Energy Taipei White Paper38355 KBXDownload
2020/05/13Taipei Index 20192017 KBXDownload
2019/11/05An Innovative Taipei with Vigorous Development of Emerging Technologies249 KBXDownload
2019/11/05Build the Smart and Healthy Taipei123 KBXDownload
2019/10/02Taipei Index 20182753 KBXDownload
2019/03/04Report on Key Openings in Business Solicitation of biomedical industry3471 KBVDownload
2019/03/04E-Paper│AIxMED – Bringing Together ICT and Talent to Drive Future Medical Innovations in Taipei370 KBXDownload
2019/03/04E-Paper│Taipei is the Most Successful Overseas Market for Japan's Sushiro360 KBXDownload
2019/02/23Presentation on Key Gaps in Attracting Investment in the ICT Industry5700 KBXDownload
2019/02/23Keys for Promoting Future Industry Investment in Taipei City298 KBXDownload
2018/11/14E-Paper│Financial Industry220 KBXDownload
2018/11/142018 Industry Investment Service Plan Proposed Industries for Strategic Business Solicitation of Taipei City2272 KBVDownload
2018/09/03Circular Taipei:Implementation Plan White Paper│Draft7652 KBXDownload
2018/07/05Taipei Index 20172060 KBVDownload
2018/07/02International Investment and Market Trends, 2018 (January – March)838 KBXDownload
2018/02/08International Investment and Market Trends, 2017 (October – December)1336 KBXDownload
2017/12/19International Investment and Market Trends, 2017 (August – September)1307 KBXDownload
2017/11/23International Investment and Market Trends, 2017 (May – July)1526 KBXDownload